Eau Claire Moms on the Run

Changing Lives, Stride by Stride

By Karissa Johnson, Founder Moms on the Run February 22, 2012

In 2007, I was quite content with my part-time personal training business that allowed me to stay home with my 3 kids.  The only problem was I no longer had time to exercise!  It was at this point my career path changed when I truly understood the "no time" excuse I heard over the years from my "mom" clients.

That next spring, Moms On The Run kicked off its very first 18 week training program with 26 women in Forest Lake. It was designed for all fitness levels, but it was especially created to move even the most inactive woman towards lifestyle change and the ability to complete a 5k race. When women drove from up to an hour away to join us, I realized there was a need beyond my own community, but I never imagined what would become of this excited group of ladies!

In 2011, we had 453 women (not just moms) in 10 cities around the metro. We have beginning runners, intermediates and even walkers in some locations.  I receive emails from around the country from women who are looking for a program like Moms On The Run, so I know we aren’t done growing yet.  At this time, I don't have the capacity to open additional locations, but we are working on establishing a national franchise structure.

I can’t explain the phenomenal growth we are experiencing.  What I do know is that women’s lives are changing. More than running, we promote nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  “Moms” are getting in shape again and accomplishing athletic goals. “Moms” are making new friends. “Moms” are getting the social outlet they need and having FUN breaking a sweat.

To hear the testimonies of lifestyle change resulting from our program has been a complete blessing. I am inspired by the cancer survivors pursuing new healthy habits in their recovery programs.  I am moved watching women from the deaf community embrace an opportunity that has no communication barriers, running alongside new friends.  I am motivated by the stay-at-home moms who begin to realize the need to take time for themselves.   I am encouraged by the working women who are finding healthy ways to burn off stress.

Moms On The Run is committed to changing the lives of more than just the women in our programs, believing it is our responsibility to share our success with the greater global community.  As long as there are children in this world with greater needs than my own, I will continue to give at least 10% of our proceeds to Feed My Starving Children (

Although our main program is our spring and summer 5k training, we offer opportunities in the off-season as well. Check out our website today and stay updated by signing up for our mailing list on the homepage: Check us out on facebook as well!

Moms love to say they put their families first… but forget that they are part of the family! Feel better. Do better. Your kids are watching you and the example you are setting for a lifestyle of health and fitness.  If you are a woman who is too busy, too stressed, too tired…join us next spring.  You’ll find a supportive community of women eager to encourage you toward your health and fitness goals.

For detailed, local information check out Eau Claire Moms on the Run or their Facebook page.